The American Threat

As much of the West continues to search for the most effective way to manage their diverse democracies, one thing which has become increasingly clear is that inspiration should not be drawn from the American experiment.

In recent times, some of the most toxic ideologies and worldviews have been fostered and cultivated at American pseudo-intellectual hubs posing as enlightened universities. These institutions have given birth to race and gender ideologies which are fundamentally divorced from reality – but are worryingly being imported by ‘radical progressives’ across the core Anglosphere societies.

While the US spent twenty years of so-called ‘nation building’ in Afghanistan and taking its self-appointed role of being the global policeman up a notch, it further established itself as an international hotspot of family breakdown, bitter race relations and rampant materialism.

In President Donald Trump, the US elected a media personality who suggested that injecting bleach could be a measure to fight Covid and one who fundamentally undermined his own country’s democracy by the way he responded to his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. In President Joe Biden, it elected a man whose mental fitness has been repeatedly called into question – indeed, he is the perfect embodiment of his own nation’s crisis in well-being.

The reality is that the racial tensions, political polarisation, and cultural radicalism of the United States – in an age of international connectedness accelerated by the rise of social media – is a direct threat to the very stability of the English-speaking West.

This American psychosis is a gift for revisionist powers who have welcomed the collapse of US hegemony with open arms; hostile states which are eager to witness greater social fragmentation and political division in the West.

The United States has set itself on a path towards cultural disintegration – and it threatens to take much of the English-speaking West with it.

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